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Michael Hessdorf, LCSW

Have you ever had a situation where you were filled with doubt or regret over an action you had taken or a decision you had made.  It probably has happened to all of us.  When this happens it can be extremely upsetting.  Many of us would like to be able to move on once the action is taken or the decision is made and not look  back.  However, that is often easier said than done.   Doubt and regret can be debilitating and all consuming.  Here are five things that you can do to manage the regret and doubt.   1)  Realize  that these intense of feelings of regret and doubt will not last forever, even though it feels like it will.  These feelings will pass after some period of time.  This is quite important.  The feelings will pass and life will return to normal.

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Time to Slow Down...Here's How

Dr. Ilona L. Tobin

Too much to do, too many places to be, too little time to do it all. It's like our national anthem. In all areas of our life—home, work, school—we are increasingly imprisoned by the perception that time is a scarce and limited resource. We rush from one commitment or activity to another and believe that we haven't a minute to spare. We yearn for more time, yet we often feel anxious and guilty when idle. Is this how life is supposed to be? No! Nor does it have to be. But until we change our relationship to time, our lives will continue to speed away from us—at enormous cost to our health and to direct experience of ourselves and the world around us. There is no issue, no aspect of human life, that exceeds this in importance, says Jacob Needleman, author of Time and the Soul. The destruction of time is literally the destruction of life.

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LOVE'S 4 Magnetic Forces Creating a Strong, Healthy Relationship

Dr. Ilona L. Tobin

In this technological age,  people are socially detached, device addicted and career driven. They are feeling personally disconnected, experiencing more anxiety, depression and loneliness than ever before.  This is fostering an impulsive desperation to connect with anyone whether via a device or in person, with poor results. In my forthcoming book, LOVE'S' 4 MAGNETIC FORCES Creating a Strong Healthy Relationship, I share my knowledge and professional experience as a licensed psychologist and marriage & family counselor for more than thirty (30) years by helping readers in a step by step process of dating, evaluating and selecting the best lifetime partner using LOVE'S 4 Magnetic Forces as a tool.  Assessment tests are also provided so the reader can evaluate prospective partners.  Those already in relationships can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses to make their relationship more pleasurable and enduring.

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From Powerlessness to True Personal Power

Dr. Ilona L. Tobin

Carla can't leave her work as a university professor, work that she now finds unfulfilling, because she'll lose her tenure. Her thought: I have no control over the system.

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Creativity Is a Way of Life, Not Just About Making Art

Dr. Ilona L. Tobin

No matter what you may have been told, every one of us is creative. It's as much a part of us as our voice and breath and fingerprints. Creativity isn't just about making art. Cooking, gardening, keeping a journal, handiwork and crafts are all creative acts. Arranging flowers or rearranging furniture, painting a picture or painting a room, singing on stage or singing in the shower––these are all responses to the "call."

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